Pieces of information transferred to your computer's hard disk from a website are known as cookies. They allow our Website to store information about your browsing patterns, making the Website more useful to you. Many major sites use cookies: in fact, they are commonly used throughout the Internet to offer personalised services. Most browsers are automatically set to accept cookies. Each time you use our Website, the cookie is accessed.

You can find out more about cookies at AboutCookies.org.

Below are the main cookies used on the site.

Cookies explicity set by ourselves

We set a couple of cookies ourselves, for font size preferences and also a cookie to remembers your opt in choice for using cookies.

Other cookies

We also include content from other sites like Google Analytics. These organisations may also set cookies, to help them serve their content better.

Note we can't guarantee that we have listed every cookie you might get from a third party as they can change them at any time as their needs change.